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Steam Clean Your Home

Our homes are our pride and joy, so it’s important to keep them clean. Cleaning your home can be quite time consuming though, so it’s important to have the best cleaning equipment available to ensure your home is clean and presentable without the burden on your valuable time.

Steam cleaning operates at temperatures of 100 to 130 degrees to deep clean and sanitise a wide range of surfaces including floors, walls, windows, curtains, bedding, upholstery, kitchens, bathrooms and more.

Our machines operate without the need for harsh cleaning chemicals, requiring only pure tap water to hygienically clean and sanitise virtually any surface. This means less chemicals in your home, which is better for both your family’s health care and the environment.

Steam Cleaning Your Home

If you want a spotless home, then you simply must consider steam cleaning. This form of cleaning has several different key benefits, including:

  • Cleaning Difficult To Reach Areas

Every room in your home will have difficult areas to get access to. Whether it is soap scum build-up in the bathroom or tight spots underneath your furniture, steam cleaning can provide a more thorough clean throughout.

  • An All-Natural, Environmentally Safe Solution

Why use dangerous and corrosive chemicals when you can harness the power of steam? Steam cleaning is 100% safe and is a much healthier alternative to dangerous chemicals.

  • Save Money with Steam Cleaning!

Once you’ve invested in a quality steam cleaner, you’ll drastically minimise the additional costs of cleaning your home. There’s no need to buy special solvents or chemicals for the various surfaces of your appliances and rooms—you can clean and disinfect them all with the power of steam!

Steam Cleaning is Easy

Other methods of cleaning your home can be labor-intensive and require a tremendous amount of scrubbing. However, with steam cleaning, you can kill bacteria and eliminate dirt, stains and other build-up easily.

For more specific guides on how to use your domestic steam cleaner please read the following articles:

At Steam Australia, we carry a wide range of steam cleaners for your home. We’re Australia’s #1 experts in steam cleaning and have over 10 years of experience in helping our customers achieve outstanding cleaning results.

Contact us today so one of our steam cleaning experts can help you choose the best product for your home or office. We carry a wide range of both domestic and commercial steam cleaners... or tackling even the toughest cleaning jobs.

You can always buy with 100% confidence when you choose Steam Australia. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so there’s absolutely NO risk.

Call us now on 1300 79 5050 and discover why we’re Australia’s choice for steam cleaning products.

Steam Cleaning Applications for Your Home

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Tiles and Grout
Steam Mopping
Pet Smells Muffin and Sally
Steam Cleaners

  • SV8D - Steam Vac

    SV8d - Steam Vac & Detergent

    • 8 bar steam pressure
    • Detergent Injection
    • Continuous steam
    • 3 level steam
    • 3 level vacuum

    Regular Price:

    Special Price:

  • SV8D - Steam Vac

    SV6 - Steam Vac

    • 6.5 bar steam pressure
    • 3 level vacuum
    • Continuous steam
    • Easy to use
    • Fast start up
    • Commercial Quality

    Regular Price:

    Special Price:

  • SV8D - Steam Vac

    SW7 - Steam and hot water

    • 7 Bar Steam Pressure
    • Hot water injection
    • Auto refil boiler
    • 4 Minute heat up

    Regular Price:

    Special Price:

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