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  • Powerful 4.5 Bar Steam Pressure
  • Made in Italy
  • Safety pressure cap
  • Great pressure
  • 50 minutes per tank
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Eco Pro 3000


The Polti Eco Pro 3000 is our best selling steam cleaner and for good reason. It boasts a powerful 4.5 Bars of steam pressure, is fully portable, easy to use and comes from the renowned Polti brand of Italian steam cleaners – Europe’s most trusted name in steam cleaning.
The Eco Pro uses high temperature steam to effectively lift built up dirt and grime from deep below the surface. This powerful steam cleaner has the ability to clean a huge range of everyday surfaces including floors, walls, windows, bathrooms, kitchens, upholstery, bedding and curtains, just to name a few.
The Eco Pro 3000 is a quality steam cleaner, built to last a lifetime. Unlike some of the cheap and nasty steam cleaners on the market, this is the real deal. Cut through dirt like never before, have your floors looking like new and transform your home or business like you never thought possible. The Eco Pro is your ultimate cleaning machine.

A tool for every cleaning job
The Eco Pro also comes with a great range of accessories. Whatever your cleaning task there is a tool for the job, ensuring a professional clean every time. The Eco Pro comes complete with a detail nozzle, window squeegee, floor brush, upholstery brush, extension wands and a long metal steam lance to clean and sanitise the tightest of areas.  


A great value steam cleaner
If you don’t require a vacuum in a 
steam cleaner, then this machine is the one. No bells and whistles, but all the steam you could need for most cleaning jobs around the home or your small business.

Our customers love the Eco Pro
“I’ve had my Eco Pro 3000 for nearly 15 years and I’ve used it regularly ever since. It still works and it’s good as new. I really think this machine is a miracle thing! It’s cleaned absolutely everything in my home and also our holiday home. The results are amazing! I’ve used it to clean curtains, bathrooms, floors, behind the wash basin. It’s brought filthy vinyl floors back to new. It gets into all the cracks so easily.  I love it!”
Philippa M
Linfield, NSW                   

Our promise to you

You can also feel confident in knowing we offer a 3 Year Boiler Warranty and a 12 Month Warranty of all other machine parts and accessories for the Eco Pro 3000.
In addition we offer the option to purchase an extended warranty for additional peace of mind. You will see this listed under ‘optional accessories’ on this page - simply add it to your cart for extra peace of mind. 

And all at a great value price
The Eco Pro 3000, with its superb cleaning ability and huge range of accessories ready to tackle any cleaning task, comes at a surprisingly low price.
Limited stock – these machines are selling fast so get your order in before we sell out!
Max Pressure
4.5 bar
Boiler System
Pressure cap
Use Capacity
50 minutes
Heat Up Time
10 Minutes
Steam Levels
Variable controlled on machine
Boiler material Stainless Steel
Boiler size 2.9 l
Vacuum No
Vacuum Levels


Vacuum Filter

Suction capacity  
Vac turbo brush  
Vacuum tank capacity  
Detergent No
Size 32 x 32x 34 cm
Weight 4.9 kg
Parking for Handle
Steam Vacuum hose No
Steam only hose
2.5 meters
Power Cable
7 meters
Trolley No
Microfibre Mop


  • Eco Pro 3000 - Steam only

    Eco Pro 3000 - Steam only

Buy the real thing, you won't regret it

"I've been using my Polti Eco Pro steam cleaner for over 10 years now. It is absolutely fantastic! I use it to clean my tiles and grout throughout the house, especially in the bathroom, shower, toilet, sink floors and walls.

I no longer keep any other cleaning chemicals in my home which not only saves me money by also saves the planet!

I highly recommend the Polti machines, they're Italian made and great quality. If you are in the market for a steam cleaner, don't waste your time and money on a cheap Chinese version, buy the real thing, you won't regret it."

Francis Hancock, Sydney NSW

I've mainly been using the Eco Pro to clean the house and car inside and out. It has so much more pressure than the silly home shopping bizos. It was great on my engine bay, after years of a cracked turbo leaking exhaust soot. The only problem is, how to get it back from my mother-in-law?

David Sevier

The results are amazing "I’ve had my Eco Pro 3000 for nearly 15 years and I’ve used it regularly ever since. It still works and good as new. I really think this machine is a miracle thing! It’s cleaned absolutely everything in my home and also our holiday home. The results are amazing! I’ve used it to clean curtains, bathrooms, floors, behind the wash basin. It’s brought filthy vinyl floors back to new. It gets into all the cracks so easily. I love it! I love it! I mainly use the Eco Pro with the iron attachment as my regular iron. It is so easy to use and just like a professional iron. I don’t need to buy a Laura star iron because I have a Vaporetto. This is the best steam cleaner ever."

Philippa M, Linfield NSW

I use the Polti Eco Pro on tiled floors, wooden floors, lounge room walls and upholstery in car.

I love It's ability to deep clean and sanitise Years of dirt between grouting on floor tiles has been released easily I am very pleased with my purchase.

The machine has cleaned above my expectations

Pauline Simpson

I use it to clean shower tiles, glass, bath and toilet. 

It removes grime and soap buildup while it Sanitizes the surfaces.

Cleans the shower screen glass brilliantly , gives it that "new" look.

I find the machine very easy to use. Parts are always available. Great product!

Alan Jenkinson

My Eco Pro is used mainly around the home and office. It gives super strong cleaning results and a super clean floor with little effort.

Emma Bourke

South West Creative Carpentry

I find this machine great to use around the house. It is well built and does a great job, certainly not like the ones you get from Bunnings Warehouse where these tend to breakdown frequently I use it for cleaning carpets and tiled floors which makes them look brand new after using the machine

I like dealing with Steam Australia, the company is extremely helpful and very professional in their approach especially the service area, so thank you very much.

Vince Francis Caldeira

We use the Eco Pro steam cleaner everywhere including bathroom (bath, tiles and floor), Toilet, Kitchen (stove top, tiles and floor), Garbage and Recycling Bins, Mirrors and Windows.

It is easy to use and the water tank does not need refilling during the job.

It is the best for removal of soap scum from bath and much cleaner toilet bowl.

Our current machine does everything we need but if it ever needs replacing, we would certainly buy another one. 

David Hall

It has a great length of time before refilling is required.

The best result I've had was using it to clean shower screens

Vicki Morris

I'm so glad I discovered your cleaning machines, it makes cleaning so much easier and it is so effective.

I use it to clean bathrooms, kitchen, grouting and windows.

Cleaning the grout is so easy!

Ekaterini Karafilakis

I use the Polti Eco Pro 3000 mainly on tiled floors, shower and bathroom. I find it light and easy to use. It is fantastic for cleaning the grout in the floor tiles which is why it was mainly purchased.

It packs away tightly.

The only downside is I don't think the DVD on how to use it is so great, I would have preferred a written booklet or at least some talking on the DVD

Rhonda Shields

We use the machine everywhere in our household. I love its versatility.

The best results we have had is for cleaning our upholstery.

Jennifer Arnold

I've been using the Polti the all around the home.

It's great for cleaning the upholstery. I don't have to pay a professional cleaner.

I find it also great for cleaning difficult small spaces and grooves.

This machine has Saved me a lot of money.

Eve Diesel

I use the Eco Pro everywhere. The quality of the clean is amazing.

It cleans carpets and rugs beautifully. It is better than having a carpet cleaning company in to do the job every week.

My only problem is managing the stairs. The machine is heavy and I can't reach the whole way. The hand held cordless would help with that.

Diane Hall

It's great for car engine, windows, floors, benches, stove, oven, cupboards, ceilings, mattresses, clothing, upholstery, deck, bbq.

I like the light hand controls and that one machine has lots of uses but I have found it is best for range hood extractor fan filters.

I would like to see a soft attachment with removable covers or cloths for mouldings etc as it's quicker than spray and wipe. Keep supplying the 40cm cloths as the microfiber cloths you get in the supermarket aren’t big enough to go around the mop.

Lyn Austen

I’ve owned the Polti Eco Pro for about a year now and I can honestly say this is an absolutely 1st class product. I use it all over the house including tiles and timber flooring, Great job. It especially does such a great job cleaning the grout and the mould doesn’t grow back. I also use it around the BBQ to remove the fat and grease which it cleans easily. The machine is very reliable. One tip I have is to pour boiling water from the kettle in the boiler to heat it up even faster. I couldn’t recommend this machine highly enough.


Andy Wallington

Tuncurry, NSW

The warranty for the Eco Pro is 12 months from the purchase date. The machine is covered against any faults deemed to be a fault of the manufacturer. For repairs the machine is to be returned to Steam Australia or an authorized repair agent.