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Steam Cleaning Curtains

Steam cleaning curtains has never been easier, thanks to Steam Australia! We’ve provided a few informative tips below that will not only help you make the most out of your curtain steam cleaner, but also help speed up the cleaning process.

Which product is ideal for steam cleaning curtains?

Choose any of our Polti, Eco Pro or SV8D steam vacuum cleaners, and you won’t regret it. They’ll help you achieve that deep clean you desire, while also eliminating bacteria and nasty germs.
How do I steam clean my curtains?

•    Fill tank with water
•    Attach a bristled brush accessory onto the suction tool of your steam cleaner
•    Turn on the machine
•    Start at the top of the curtain and slowly work your way down the curtain, guiding the nozzle down
•    Steam clean until you’re satisfied

Find your perfect curtain steam cleaner with Steam Australia today! We offer an array of perks, such as genuine products, competitive prices and a most excellent after sales service – so why would you shop anywhere else? Browse through our products now!

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