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Steam Clean Mattress

Every mattress we sleep on is full of dust mites, body fluids, germs and possibly bed bugs. This can detrimentally affect the health and wellbeing of anyone, let alone allergy sufferers. A good way to combat this is to regularly steam clean your mattress, as the heat and steam will kill off nasty bacteria. Listed below are a few informative steps to help you through this process, as well as a summary of our product choices for effective mattress steam cleaning.

Which product is ideal for mattress steam cleaning?

The Polti Lecoaspira steam and vacuum cleaners have  been approved by the British Allergy Foundation as highly effective tools to help allergy sufferers in getting a good night’s sleep. They also work wonders in eliminating bed bugs and germs on any mattress!
How do I steam clean my mattress?

•    Vacuum mattress with brush attachment
•    Fill tank with water
•    Apply dry vapour steam by guiding the steam head across the mattress
•    Complete the above step in long and even strokes – finish when you’re completely satisfied!

Mattress steam cleaning has never been easier with Steam Australia and our steam cleaning appliances. Get yours today!

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