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How to Use a Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners are a fantastic cleaning appliance everyone should possess, because they’ll clean almost anything and everything! The list of what you can clean includes, but is not limited to, tiles, mattresses, ovens, carpets, windows, jewellery, clothing, fridges and freezers. They’re not difficult to use – in fact they’re quite easy – but if you’re a bit confused, learn how to use a steam cleaner with our handy tips below!

Which is the right steam cleaner appliance for me?

Find your perfect steam cleaner via our commercial steam cleaning pages.

How do I use a steam cleaner?

•    Fill the tank with water
•    Turn the machine on
•    Guide the nozzle to the area you want to clean and run it up and down the surface, performing long and even strokes
•    Complete until desired result is achieved

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