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How to Celan Commercial Carpets

Achieve an effective, thorough and hygienic commercial carpet clean with Steam Australia today! We have a huge collection of carpet steam cleaners readily available for purchase and we're confident our products will meet (if not exceed!) all your commercial carpet cleaning expectations.

They’ll help you achieve that deep clean you desire by quickly eradicating dirt, grime and germs. It also helps to have a brush, nozzle or carpet insert attached to your steam cleaner

How do I steam clean commercial carpets?

•    Fill the tank with water
•    Place the steam cleaner nozzle on the carpet
•    Turn the machine on
•    Run the nozzle over the carpet in long, even strokes
•    Complete previous step until the whole carpet is clean (works like a vacuum cleaner)
•    This should only take a few minutes, but is largely dependent on the size of your carpet
•    For further information, you can watch our short video below

Steam cleaning commercial carpets has never been easier with our steam cleaning appliances. Not only are they highly effective products that will scrub, clean and dry your carpets quickly, but they’re widely affordable too!
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