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Clothes Steam Cleaner

Here at Steam Australia, we have an excellent collection of clothes steam cleaners, as well as a multiple array of specialised fabric steam cleaners, readily available for you to purchase. Using a clothes steam cleaner is a fantastic way to remove wrinkles from your clothes gently, safely and efficiently. It won’t even leave scorch marks! To help you get the most out of your clothes steam cleaner, we’ve listed a few helpful tips below.

Which product is ideal for steaming clothes?

The Polti Vaporella is the clothes steam cleaner of your dreams. It gives professional steam cleaning results without the hefty price tag!

How do I steam clean my clothes?

•    Turn the machine on
•    Hold the base of the steam head and touch the material lightly
•    Guide the steam head up and down the material, performing long and even strokes
•    Avoid making circular motions with the clothes steam cleaner
•    You’ll notice that wrinkles will instantly vanish! Keep steaming until you are satisfied

The Polti Vaporella is the perfect cleaning appliance for all types of clothes and fabrics. Get yours today! We offer exclusive benefits, such as competitive prices, genuine products and a world-class after sales service, so what are you waiting for? Browse through our site now!