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Domestic Steam Cleaners For Your Home

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How a steam cleaner works

Steam cleaners are controlled by a trigger system, and emit a stream of steam under pressure to loosen dirt and clear away grease and grime from any surface. They range in size, from lightweight handheld steam cleaners through dual vacuum and steam cleaners, to commercial machines suitable for large businesses.

Our steam cleaning machines come with a variety of attachments, each providing the user with the capability required for a specific task. Simply plug in, connect the required attachment, and watch as you steam away the dirt.


A spotless home is the strikingly visible benefit of using a steam cleaner, but there are other benefits which are not quite so obvious:

  • A reduction in cleaning costs – no more expensive chemical cleaners needed
  • Great for those with allergies (and removes all dust mites)
  • Easy to use with a huge reduction in elbow grease


If your oven hasn’t been cleaned in years then you may need a couple of steam cleaning sessions to bring it back to its once pristine state. But as a method of producing wonderful clean results in a fraction of the time it would normally take (and at far less cost), the experience of our customers tells us there is no better cleaning solution currently available. Even on surfaces which are ingrained with decades of grime, after an initial deep clean the upkeep of a pristine shine is effortless.

Our Guarantee

We hold a large range of steam cleaners from top European and Australian manufacturers, all hand-picked with the benefit of our ten years as Australia’s steam clean experts. We only provide steam cleaners that have been designed to last a lifetime.

Every customer of Steam Australia benefits from a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. If your new steam cleaner doesn’t do the job you expect, or it doesn’t outperform a comparable product on the market, we’ll refund your money.

Our Testimonials

You don’t need to take our word on how exceptional our steam cleaners are. Here’s what just a few of our customers have told us:

Ann from Sunnybank Hills, QLD, says: “I've been using my Eco Pro for 4 months. I use it in the bathroom, windows and other areas around the home. It really does a beautiful job. I think when my vacuum cleaner dies I'll upgrade to the steam and vacuum model.

Vince and Zelia Caldeira bought the Politi 715 after being disappointed by cheaper versions over the years. No such disappointment now though. They told us that, “The Polti is easy to use and it cleans every surface from tiles to curtain drapes. I also use it in the car to clean my seats and is great to have especially if you have pets. It leaves the surfaces absolutely clean and shiny.”

Pat Saliba from Winmalee, NSW, says she couldn’t recommend the SV8d highly enough. She had 60 years of grime built into very large floor areas in her rural home, and said that her steam cleaner has “… really done a beautiful job. I used the detergent injection to help with the heavy build up areas. Following the initial deep clean, I hardly used any detergent at all as the power of the steam and vacuum was enough to keep it fresh and clean. I’ve also used the machine to steam and vacuum walls, stove, toilets, and bedding all with excellent results.”

Domestic steam cleaners are a great investment product for your home. Not only do they provide a thorough and comprehensive clean, but they’re hygienic, safe and incredibly cost-effective too. They’re also much more versatile than your average vacuum cleaner!

Here at Steam Australia, we have an extensive collection of domestic steam cleaners, encompassing popular European brands such as Polti, SV8D/ SV6, Eco and Ezy Clean. They all work on the same basic steam cleaning concept, and differ only in bar pressure and machine specs. The higher the bar pressure, the higher the steam output, which, ultimately, reduces cleaning time.

Our domestic steam cleaners also come with a great range of accessories for different tasks, though there are other optional accessories worth considering. We’ve listed the recommended accessories at the bottom of each product page, making it easier for you to customise your new steam cleaner to your unique needs.

All of our domestic steam cleaners can be used to virtually clean any surface, including window frames, mirrors, fridges, freezers, cars, clothing, taps, floors, carpets, walls and much more. They’re a great, multipurpose cleaning product and, here at Steam Australia, they’re highly affordable too!

Check out our website for some great deals on our domestic steam cleaners and find your perfect steam cleaner product today

A steam cleaner cuts through the hard work of housework using no more than a little tap water to give an effective show-home shine to all your surfaces.